Abstract Topics:

  • CS-1 Fungal systematics and diversity
  • CS-2 Exploitation of fungal diversity
  • CS-3 Ecology and climate change
  • CS-4 Fungal genetics, genomics and bioinformatics
  • CS-5 Fungal physiology and biochemistry
  • CS-6 Fungal interaction
  • CS-7 Fungus-like organism
  • CS-8 Fungal metabolite
  • CS-9 Nomenclature
  • CS-10 Culture collection and database
  • CS-11 Freshwater and marine fungi (IMFMS & NNIBR joint session)
  • CS-12 Medical mycology
  • CS-13 Food mycology and safety (ICFM special session) 
  • CS-14 Mushroom biology and cultivation technology
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Symposium of “Mycobiomics”
  • Workshop on Freshwater and Marine Fungi (organized by NNIBR and IMFMS)

CS: Concurrent Sessions