Three Novel Species and One Undescribed Species of Mucorales isolated from Freshwater and Soil Niche in Korea

Mucorales species as well as many other mucoralean fungi are known to be the first saprophytic colonizers on different substrates. During investigation of fungal species diversity from freshwater and soil niche, three new species and one new record species of Mucorales were isolated from freshwater sample collected at puddle and soil sample collected at mountain. Sequences analysis of ITS by BLASTn search indicated that three new species were closet to Mucor hiemalis (GenBank accession no. MH860216), Gongronella guangdongensis (GenBank accession no. LC372499) and Backusella liffmaniae (GenBank accession no. NR172852) with 99.5% (637/640bp), 99.3% (600/604bp), 96.8% (187/193bp) identity values, so different with the known species, showing that the species is new to science. One new record species was closet to Cunninghamella clavata (GenBank accession no. JN205890) with 100 % (717/717bp) identity values. Based on the morphological characteristics and sequence analyses of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large ribosomal subunit (LSU), the CNUFC-CW7, CNUFC-BG18 and CNUFC-BG21 strains were regarded as new Mucor, Gongronella and Backusella species respectively and CNUFC-BG20 strain was regarded as a new record Cunninghamella clavata. Cultural properties, detailed morphological descriptions and phylogenetic status of them will be presented in the poster.