Taxonomic Revision of Sebacinaceae and Report of New Species from Republic of Korea.

Sebacinales, a group of early-diverging Agaricomycetes, comprises a diverse range of mycorrhizal species that interact with ericoid, orchid, and various other plants. Sebacinaceae constitutes one of the two families within Sebacinales, primarily consists of ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic species. Since most sequences of Sebacinaceae from the public database are sourced from the environment, morphological descriptions of basidiome is insufficient. This makes establishing the phylogenetic relationships within Sebacinaceae is challenging. This study aimed to update the classification of Sebacinaceae by integrating phylogenetic analysis and morphological characterization. We analyzed all the validated internal transcribed spacer and nuclear large ribosomal subunit sequences of Sebacinaceae from GenBank. Additionally, sequences obtained from sebacina-like specimens and NGS data from plant roots in the Republic of Korea were included in the phylogenetic analysis. As a result, an updated phylogenetic tree of Sebacinaceae was constructed using FunID, encompassing all genera within this family. Furthermore, we report seven Sebacinaceae species in Korea, including five new species candidates. Together, our research will lay the foundation for various studies on Sebacinaceae, providing a cornerstone for further investigations.