Mycorrhizal Formation Using Mycelium of Tuber borchii with Pinus densiflora

Tuber borchii is known to form ectomycorrhizal fungi with plants of the genus PinusPinus densiflora is a indigenous coniferous tree that is widely distributed in Korea and grows well everywhere. In this study, we examined the formation of ectomycorrhiza by inoculating T. borchii mycelium into P. densiflora seedling. The mycelium of T. borchii was cultured in dark YG liquid medium for 40 days, and then inoculated into P. densiflora roots. After 8 months, ectomycorrhiza formation of T. borchii was confirmed, and morphological and anatomical characteristics were analyzed using a stereomicroscope and frozen microtome. The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region was identified through molecular analysis. P. densiflora was inoculated with the mycelium of T. borchii to form ectomycorrhizal and expand its potential as a host plant for truffle cultivation in korea.