Lecanora strobilina, one of the lichen species found everywhere in Korea

Lecanora strobilina is a crustose lichen found everywhere in Korea. Morphologically, yellow soredia surround the apothecia, and the inner disc is also yellow. The size of the lichen is not constant, but it forms a slightly round shape and grows anywhere on the front of the tree or in the cracks and even in the branched areas. From 2021, the study was conducted using lichen as a tool to assess forest health. For 2 years, 658 specimens and 202 species of lichen were investigated in 207 collection areas, and among them, L. strobilina was collected the third most. The ITS sequence results showed different clades from existing species but the same relationship in the mtSSU sequence. The fact that several forms of L. strobilina appear in slightly different forms in different regions is thought to have an impact on changes in the ecosystem with some environmental impact. Subsequent studies will be able to find clues about the distribution of lichen in forests if they reveal the origin of this species distribution and morphology.