Fruiting body characteristics of Lentinula edodes according to the cultivation conditions  

Lentinula edodes, one of the most popular edible mushrooms with medicinal components, is widely cultivated in many Asian countries, especially in Korea, China and Japan. Traditionally, it is cultivated using logs, but nowadays, sawdust cultivation method is widespread and most of the mushrooms are produced using it. In sawdust cultivation, browning of the media is an important step after spawn run, and light sources are needed during the process. In this study, L808 and Taehyanggo cultivars were cultivated using blue light LED during the browning of the media, and the total incubation period was set to 100 and 120 days. After fruiting body production, fruiting body characteristics and ergothioneine contents were analyzed. The amount of fruiting body production was not different in L808 according to the cultivation period, but it was higher in 120 days of cultivation in Taehyanggo. The fruiting body characteristics were not different in both cultivars. On the other hand, the ergothioneine content was higher in the 120 days of cultivation conditions in both cultivars.