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The Complex of Hoangkimzhi Tomophagus and a new species, Precious Materia Medica, so Flexible in the Ganodermataceae Donk


Le Xuan Thám1*, Doan Doan Ai1, Nguyen Thi My2, Pham Ngoc Duong3,Tran Dong Anh4,  Aisha Umar5, JM Moncalvo6, and Dentinger M Bryn7

1Van Lang University, HoChiMinh City – Faculty of Applied Technology, Vietnam

2Agriculture Center Hung Loc, DongNai – Institute of Science & Techniques of Agriculture

3National Park of CatTien, DongNai

4University of Agriculture, HaNoi

5University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

6University of Toronto, Canada

7University of Utah, USA

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Studies update in a minireview amended on the genus Tomophagus Murr. belonging to the family Ganodermataceae Donk, incl. 2 species known and a new just found in South Vietnam to show their flexibilities in morphological (fruitbodies and spores) and even molecular characters, particularly ITS data and multigenes discriminated, and larger genome than Red Lingzhi Ganoderma lucidum. Their similarities in chemical compositions of bioactive ingredients promising for medicinal utilizations; and molecular analysis sophisticatedly are undergoing and treating completely Whole Genome Sequencing. Integrations of morphological characters flexible and molecular data would lead to new insights into a primitive Tomophagus complex and propose a hypothesis of initially original formation of the Ganodermataceae Donk, young taxon would be from Southeastern Asia.